GlobalCareMarket Electric Toothbrush and Teeth Whitening Polisher with High Frequency Sonic 30K Vibration for Optimal Tooth Cleaning and Dental Care

  • Price : 59.80

Description of Use: Automatic sonic tooth brush for convenient dental care at home and while travelling. Has the functions of teeth cleaning, enamel protection, elimination of tooth stains, polishing of the tooth enamel, massaging the gums, improve your smile (with whiter teeth), and making your mouth and breath healthy.
Brush Heads: Tooth cleaning and care. It can remove the food residue, protect the enamel, eliminate teeth stains, polish the tooth enamel, massage the gums, improve your smile (with whiter teeth), and make your teeth healthy.
Bristle Heads: can easily reach the gaps, clean your teeth and gums, whiten your teeth, prevent tooth decay, remove plaque, coffee stains and calculus, and is soft enough not to damage the gums. Dupont Tynex Tips Erase What You dislike: Plaque, Food leftovers, stain from tobacco/tea/coffee can be reduced and eventually eliminated with the High-speed sonic vibration that Can effectively help remove tartar and leftovers on the teeth, whiten teeth and massage the gums.
Smart Design: Has a 6mm wide swing of the tooth brush heads is the dentist recommended brushing method, which foams toothpaste quickly for quick and efficient brushing. The vibration to the gum can help regulate the blood circulation around your teeth to keep them white and improve the health of both the teeth and gums.
Bristle Heads Included: (1) Pointed soft eraser with massage function, (2) Soft grinding stone type tip for dental calculus removal and tooth surface polishing. Motor Speed: Multiple speed options with a super-sonic frequency up to 30000 times/minute.
Waterproof: IPX7. Full body washable design with seamless joint makes it easy to clean.
Battery: Integral Ni-MH rechargeable battery, automatically charged via the included charging base.

Package Contents:. 1 * Electric Toothbrush
1 * Charging Base
2 * Toothbrush Heads
1 * Bristle Head
1 * Polisher Head
1 * User Manual

  • 1; Complete Electric Toothbrush Set: Includes the rechargeable electric toothbrush, charging base, and five head attachments to provide you with excellent tooth care.
  • 2; Dual Function Toothbrush: Includes two standard tooth brush heads for cleaning your teeth -AND- also includes 1 Dupont Tynex anti-bacterial bristle heads for the removal of tartar, tooth stains, plaque, and 1 rubber polisher head very effective teeth whitening and polishing.
  • 3; Smart design. Utilizes the dentist recommended 6mm swing vibration brushing for the most effective removal of plaque, tartar and leftover food particles. The best way to clean your teeth, along the gumline, and in-between the teeth.
  • 4; Maximum sonic efficiency. The high-speed acoustic vibration enables effective cleaning of the teeth, removal of teeth stains, tooth polishing and healthy gum massage.