Econobum Oral Care Kit 4 Pcs, Dental Hygience Kit 4-in-1 Teeth Cleaning Tools, Dental Mirror Gum Stimulator Tongue Scraper Sickle and Probe for Personal and Professional Use

  • Price : 29.99

4 Pieces, 6 Tools, with 1 Free Protective Case

Main material: Plastic and metal
Colour: As shwon in product image
Size: As shwon in product image
Net weight: 26g
Total weight: 84g (Including protective case)

Package Content:
1 x Dental mirror
1 x Tongue scraper
1 x Plastic dental scaler/Gum massager
1 x Metal dental scaler/Probe
1 x Protective case

Use the mirror to inspect and maneuver hard-to-see areas.
Use the tongue scrapper to remove tongue coating containing microorganisms.
Use the probe to pick food residues in between teeth and in heard-to-reach areas.
Use the scalers shaped like a sickle, to scrape off dental plaque and odontolith, the plastic scaler for daily use and the metal scaler for weekly use.
Use the gum massager to stimulate and massage your gums to promote gingival health.

  • 4-IN-1: Dental kit includes 1 dental mirror, 1 tongue scraper, 1 gum massager, 1 dental probe, 2 dental scalers. Perfect for oral hygiene and care.
  • REMOVE PLAQUE AND TARTAR: Remove tough stains, tartar, plaque and debris from your teeth and gum. Use the rubber stimulator to keep gum healthy.
  • DEEP CLEANING: Effectively help you pinpoint tartar and plaque you missing in your daily brushing and flossing. Regular use preventstooth staining, cavities, gum disease and many other oral health problems.
  • RPOTECTIVE CASE: The free protective case keeps your dental tools organized, clean, easy to store and carry around.
  • PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL USE: Specially designed for home and professional use. Save your money by using these inexpensive dental tools for cleaning teeth.