Toothbrushing 5

Then things started moving! In 1987 in answer to the ‘Space race’, edible toothpaste was invented, while fluoride was only introduced to toothpastes in the 1960s. Pepsodent was and is still sold as a Unilever property in all markets except the United States and Canada. In 2013, Pepsodent was ranked 201st among India’s most trusted brands.

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Toothbrushing 4

Unfortunately, despite the catchy promotion and practical use, and despite the fact that the company offered pharmacists a very popular clock as a promotion!

And also the then “new” collapsible tube idea, the product couldn’t compete with the rising tide of alternatives. 

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Tooth brushing I


From archeology and an understanding of the Egyptian way of life, they are believed to have been the first to use a paste to clean their teeth in or around 5000BC and this is where the story started … whether or not they did so before bedtime is unknown.

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