Clean and healthy teeth are a must these days. You look good and your breath is clear. Your gums are healthy and this impacts your body’s health.

While there is abundant evidence on these things, it has become rather difficult to achieve these things of late. We have had Covid-19 which has shut our local dentist’s offices and due to the aerosols from hygienists ultrasonic cleaners it may be a while before everything is back to normal – and when we do it’ll be the new normal.

The other issue has been the steadily rising costs of having your teeth cleaned. Now everyone’s needs are different but no one can argue that the more you can do at home, the less you’ll need at the dentist’s office. Once again with the advent of COVID-19 costs will increase as they have in almost all segments of our economy.

The less your hygienist has to do, the lower your dental bill should be. The more people the hygienist can see to provide care.  Everyone wins. There are ways to decrease dental  bills. Going to the dentist will always be important, but if you can decrease the frequency without affecting your health – so much the better. 

There is a lot of information available these days for implants, crowns, orthodontics with clear aligners, etc. There isn’t so much on tooth cleaning. Why?

Maybe its because everyone thinks they can do it themselves without help. After all, when you’re a kid, parents usually tell you brush your teeth, but how much instruction do they get. How many parents floss their kid’s teeth? How many parents would know how.

Maybe its because dentists or hygienists don’t think education is worthwhile financially. Most people wouldn’t pay to be shown how to brush, floss or practice effective dental prevention. Alas our healthcare system is based less on prevention because we get paid more for fixing than preventing in the first place. Treatment is more often reactive rather than proactive.

Maybe brushing your teeth just isn’t sexy enough …. despite advertisements showing young attractive men and women brushing in a gleaming white bathroom – of course the rest of us have to brush too!

Whatever the reason, I hope you find value in this site. Here’s to your “clean and healthy teeth”.